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Founded by Shazana Nawaz in 2020, ZARS LONDON is a company all about thinking outside of the box.


The necktie is the ultimate accessory for your suit or shirt, but it’s limited in its construction, and this led to us redesigning the necktie.

ZARS LONDON redesigned the necktie by using shapes to enhance the look and give a bold finish to your outfit.

There is a lot said about the colour of the necktie and what it says about you. So, we thought let’s put another spin on this by adding a variety of shaped ties to your collection too.

Each tie is handmade, so no two will be exactly the same. From cutting the components to final product takes around 2 hours per piece.


What ZARS LONDON stands for?


The word ZARS is an acronym for the names of the 4 kindest, honest and strongest people in Shazana’s life. Her Mother, her late Grandmother, her brother and herself. And, London, because that’s where the idea was born.

Our ties have been designed with shirts in mind rather than the person who wears them, making them for everyone.

Marble Surface
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